I have been working with Energy Medicine and alternative methods of healing since 1999.  My methods and abilities have flowed and changed with my life from getting married and having two beautiful children to experiencing the intense pain of fibromyalgia. 

    I had run into an old friend of the family down in Crestone, Colorado back in the spring of 1999. She was like a totally different person and I said, "What did you do?" and she said she took this basic Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K) class with Rob Williams, also of Crestone, Colorado. "Where do I sign up?" 

    Now you have to understand how long ago this was. Rob worked out of his home and his company was not huge as it is today ( I was so fortunate to actually have all of my training with Rob Williams, the founder of Psych-K, in his home over that summer of 1999 and I have been doing his work ever since. 

    My road to Healing Touch was not as fun. I was in pain and popping pain pills for 5 years before a doctor kindly diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and then she left the practice. I found another doctor who also did acupuncture in her spare time. She told me to look into Healing Touch as she had heard it worked really well with pain issues. So, I not only looked onto it but I signed up to train in Healing Touch up in Boulder. I took what I learned and did healings on myself every day twice a day. This was back in November of 2006. By my birthday in December I had an entire pain free day. I was shocked! I had been in pain on a daily basis for years and through two pregnancies and it was very depressing.

    I was so excited that this was working that I continued to take more classes in Healing Touch over the next couple of years.