I set up this website hoping to share with people the things that I do, that I have been told, I should share on a greater scale!




    I have my undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology and in 1999 I met Rob Williams down in Crestone Colorado and decided to train in Psych-K (Psychological Kinesiology). At the time he was describing Psych-K as a therapy short cut which to me sounded like a fabulous idea because, although therapy has its good points, it can really take too long and do we really care about why we feel or act a certain way or do we just want to change the way we feel and act so it can serve us better? I have been working with Psych-K with myself, my family, friends and clients since 1999.

    Psych-K sessions are $60 per hour over the phone


Healing Touch


    In 2006 my doctor suggested that I look into something called Healing Touch because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which caused me extraordinary pain and I really am uncomfortable with acupuncture which is what she practiced, so I began training in Healing Touch. I specialize in Healing Touch for pain issues because this is what I am most familiar with, however Healing Touch has been shown through research to help with cancer, cardiovascular disease, death and dying, endocrine and immune function, pain, psychotherapy, psychology, post-operative recovery, and stress.

    Healing Touch sessions are $60 per hour over the phone




    In 2010 I discovered something I call Psychnastics which uses muscle testing and gymnastics to do what Psych-K uses balances to do. Occasionally, a Psych-K balance will sneak into Psychnastics, but most of the time we use more gymnastics to fix anything that is stuck. It could be fear or just being stuck on a skill. The gymnast is capable physically but disconnected somehow from his/her goal.

    Psychnastics sessions are $60 per hour, but a quick fix with one skill can take as little at 10 minutes!




    Currently all sessions are $60 per hour and can be done over the phone or in person.

    Psychnastics is the exception. Ideally, Psychnastics is done in the gym with the coach and the gymnast. However, Psychnastics can also be done at the gymnast's home or at a park with the gymnast and his/her parent.







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