Psych-K is an effective way to accelerate personal growth and change. Sometimes within ourselves we have resistance to change especially at the sub-conscious level and Psych-K can help you transcend these limitations.

    Many subconscious beliefs that people have stem from a lifetime of programming and these beliefs can limit us and create behaviors that do not serve us. These beliefs may hinder, not help us in what we want to accomplish in life. Through Psych-K we use beliefs that support us, thus changing our own reality.

    A Psych-K balance is a technique to create a balance of both hemispheres of the brain creating an environment where the client then has the ability to reprogram themselves with positive beliefs. The balance creates the potential for, the client, create your own incredible results.

    The results from a balance can be instantaneous or may evolve more slowly over time depending upon the issue at hand. Balances last until they no longer serve you or until you decide to balance for something new.

    Psych-K was created by Robert Williams, M.A. and Laura trained with him personally in Crestone, Colorado in 1999. More information can be found at