So one day my two daughters and I were fooling around on their low beam at home in the living room. The girls were trying to do full turns on the beam only ever having been taught a half turn. My mind started churning with all of the techniques and things I have been taught and experimented with over the past 12 years or so. Hmmm, let me try something. I asked one of my daughters to be muscle tested for the statement, "I do a perfect full turn on beam". She muscle tested weak for this statement, so I asked, "Can we fix this with a cartwheel on beam?" and I got a strong response from her. This muscle testing is how you start work with someone doing Psych-K, but with Psych-K you do a balance. Instead of a balance I decided to try a gymnastics skill the child was already comfortable with. 

    She did her cartwheel on the beam and we muscle tested again for the statement, "I do a perfect full turn on beam" and it was strong, so I asked her to try her full turn again and she did it! I was amazed, she was amazed and her sister was amazed and wanted to do it too!

    At gymnastics I had a conversation with a gymnast who was a bit older and a high level optional and she was interested in trying this technique. We spoke about fear and whether this could work with fears. I experimented more with my own children and eventually worked with a group of optional (level 7+ USAG) girls to try to help them with their fears and gymnastics in general.

    Sometimes I was amazed at how instantly one statement and one well know skill could completely change a gymnasts fear level. This happened with one little girl who was having trouble with back handsprings on high beam. She could instantly do the skill. I was amazed and I think so was her mother and the other parents who were watching.

    Other times I worked with kids things got better after I left the gym, I think because performance anxiety can happen even though I tell the kids I am only the facilitator and they are the true healers of themselves!
    Psychnastics sessions are $60 per hour