In Person Healing Touch


     A few years ago, I had a knee replacement. I was having lots of pain from the operation after rehab. I was talking to Laura one day and she told me of this method (Healing Touch) that she does. I invited her to my home the next day for a treatment. It was a very relaxing and comfortable experience and made me feel great. The pain was relieved and I am now pain free in that leg!

Dorothy H.

Remote Healing Touch

    I have always been very skeptical about these types of healings. At the same time, I have found myself having considerable trouble with back pain which had been continuous over many years. I decided to try this type of healing at the suggestion of my daughter and was pleasantly surprised. With the help of one remote healing session, I found myself free from pain. I would certainly recommend that everyone at least try a session of Healing Touch over the routine Advil/Tylenol approach. You will no doubt be as happy as I was after my first session.
South Florida



    I was a gymnast for almost 9 years and was never scared to do any of my skills. But one day on beam something snapped in my brain that made me terrified throwing even the easiest of skills such as a front walkover. Each day I would leave beam with tears flowing down my face because I was so scared to do my series, until one day Laura came up to me and told me about a new discovery she had found out about, Psychnastics. I did not believe it would work and was very close minded about it until I had one session with Laura. 

    We had a session for beam which helped me tremendously not only with my skills on beam, but it was a much needed confidence booster. Psychnastics is what made me love the sport of gymnastics so much more.

    When I was scared about doing my back walkover on the high beam at gymnastics. My mom helped me with Psychnastics. I could do my back walkover perfectly straight on the high beam after doing Psychnastics!
Northern Colorado

    When I was scared my mommy helped me by doing Psychnastics. I was scared to jump to the high bar and now I am not!
Northern Colorado